Your guide to the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional certification

Combine all resources into one template for version control and automation. That being said, as a professional-level certification, candidates are expected to have expertise surpassing just the AWS and DevOps fundamentals. Any professional taking this cert should be experienced in programming and/or scripting, with a strong ability to develop code in at least one high-level programming language. They should be confident in their knowledge of the software development lifecycle, as well as their understanding of modern development and operation processes/methodologies. “When you write such an app, you’ll make requests to AWS services that must be signed with an AWS access key. However, we strongly recommend that you do not embed or distribute long-term AWS credentials with apps that a user downloads to a device, even in an encrypted store.

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  • B. Modify the existing primary index with partition key as CityId and sort key as HighestTemperature.
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The script returns the execution status back to CodePipeline. C. Use a Lambda Function to interface with an AWS Step Functions which implements the workflow-driven state machines for CloudFormation stack deployment. The Lambda Function returns the execution status back to CodePipeline. D. Use a shell script in EC2 to interface with the AWS MQ service to achieve the function of the state machine.

How much does the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification cost?

A. Re-deploy your application using an Opsworks template to deploy Elastic Beanstalk. B. Re-deploy with a CloudFormation template, define update policies on Auto Scaling groups in your CloudFormation template. Use the AutoscalingRollingUpdate attribute to specify how CloudFormation handles updates to the Autoscaling Group Resource. D. After each stack is deployed, tear down the old stack. And don’t forget hybrid environments!

They will also have the opportunity to practice labs on their AWS Console for hands-on demonstrations. However, these how to become a devops engineer hands-on labs are optional to be performed by learners. Are you supporting a team taking AWS Certification exams?

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A. Use a Lambda function to check the drift status in each CloudFormation stack every 10 minutes. If there is a drift, send the team an email via the AWS SES service. Create a rule in AWS Config to evaluate if the stack is considered to have drifted for its resources. If the rule is NON_COMPLIANT, notify the team via an SNS notification. Create a CloudWatch event rule for CloudFormation. If any event happens for CloudFormation, trigger an email notification by SNS.

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